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Hello to one and all who bother to read this stuff, i'm cleaning out some of my stuff from 2011. happy late new year.

Iam active again :)

i've had to cancel both Baby Mario Galaxy and newgrounds radio.....for now.

In 2010, round about this time, i made Newgrounds Radio, the Radio show for the Newgrounds audio portal. Though the series was only a few episodes long, it was a great success, and, i have decided to do another series of Newgrounds Radio. This will be the second series and, like the first series, it will have audio hand picked from the audio portal. If you want to send me your own music to be put on the show, then please do at .The radioshow will still be around 15 minutes long (due to the filesize limit!) and will have both me and my co-host scott on nearly every week. Also, if you want to ask any questions, use the e-mail above.

and i leave you with this!: PJkk&feature=related

Thursday August 11th 2011

2011-08-11 09:01:45 by thedribbleondo

This is my first post since december and i'm gonna make it a long post! Many things i've done, none i want to explain to you! One thing i am doing is that i am in progress of making an animation based on Super Mario Galaxy, only with Baby Mario instead. The idea came to me when on the original mario galaxy, a red luma said to mario: "Mama Must really trust you". .Ok, everyone trusts mario (who wouldn't) but Rosalina isnt that stupid, she probably doesn't know who mario is, unless, they meet before the game. (cue the animation i'm making). You can guess what its called and on my audio section, over time i will be adding music to the audio portal. This is the music that will be featured in the animation. The animation wont actually be one big animation (filesize and all that) instead, the animations will be set into 6 parts. They wont be out until November so be patient. They will be released on both this and my Deviant art accounts. btw, if you really dont like sprites, then it isn't for you. The voices will be from all over the place (even mario kart wii!). the date of release will be the 11th of november 2011, thats 11,11,11.

AT LAST! i'm back on air and i'm on for longer now, thanks to the new filesize limit on the audio portal. it's gone from 8mb to 15mb, thats7 juicy mb more! my latest 2 radioshows are availible below, enjoy:

Newgrounds Radio ep.2 series 1b

Newgrounds Radio ep.3 series 1 b

after moving, we managed to find the microphone but the headphones and mic were broken a bit, now though, it's completely broken off. sorry. that means newgrounds radio will be delayed by a further fortnight or two......sorry.

no internet

2010-09-17 11:55:40 by thedribbleondo

a bit sad this but im not going to be on newgrounds, twitter, or deviant art for at least 3 weeks or worst comes to worse a month. this is because we are moving house. sadly this means no newgrounds radio until the end of october.sorry.

ok, so i was playing indie jones and it was a cool game. i heard the original music that came with it and that was cool too. thx for listening to the series so far newgrounds.

monday 6th september 2010

2010-09-06 12:22:16 by thedribbleondo

coming reeeeeal soon to newgrounds is an audio book of a story that i have been making for a while now on deviant art. the story in the written form will come to newgrounds at some point but its exclusive to deviant art. newgrounds radio has been a HUGE success and lots of you have been listening to it. newgrounds radio will be once a week every week for the next four months and at the nend me and scott decided to do a awards ceromony special on newgrounds radio at the end of the series about mid-way through january. the awards will be: the best games on newgrounds that we cant stop playing, best injury recorded during a shoot of newgrounds radio, best audio from the audio portal, best radiohost, lowest newgrounds radio score of series 1 and many more. the next radioshow will be on either a wednesday or a thursday so be patient and dont worry, we care about you.

my deviant art account where you can find my story.

ok, so maybe we only got 40 people to listen to it in a week, but we have just started. you can watch the previous episode here at: newgrounds radio episode 1 ,or listen to episode 2 here at: episode 2 of newgrounds radio . series 1 will last until 29th of december 2010 then series 2 will start in late february, why?, well we need a break BUT we WILL do one special episode each fortnight we are not on air which is around about 4-6 specials. anyway lets focus on now not february. scott is ot here so i took over for this episode and we have the song still blastin' which you can listen to here at:still blastin', by nemisistheory . enjoy!!!