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monday 6th september 2010

2010-09-06 12:22:16 by thedribbleondo

coming reeeeeal soon to newgrounds is an audio book of a story that i have been making for a while now on deviant art. the story in the written form will come to newgrounds at some point but its exclusive to deviant art. newgrounds radio has been a HUGE success and lots of you have been listening to it. newgrounds radio will be once a week every week for the next four months and at the nend me and scott decided to do a awards ceromony special on newgrounds radio at the end of the series about mid-way through january. the awards will be: the best games on newgrounds that we cant stop playing, best injury recorded during a shoot of newgrounds radio, best audio from the audio portal, best radiohost, lowest newgrounds radio score of series 1 and many more. the next radioshow will be on either a wednesday or a thursday so be patient and dont worry, we care about you.

my deviant art account where you can find my story.


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