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wednesday september 2nd 2010

2010-09-02 15:51:34 by thedribbleondo

ok, so maybe we only got 40 people to listen to it in a week, but we have just started. you can watch the previous episode here at: newgrounds radio episode 1 ,or listen to episode 2 here at: episode 2 of newgrounds radio . series 1 will last until 29th of december 2010 then series 2 will start in late february, why?, well we need a break BUT we WILL do one special episode each fortnight we are not on air which is around about 4-6 specials. anyway lets focus on now not february. scott is ot here so i took over for this episode and we have the song still blastin' which you can listen to here at:still blastin', by nemisistheory . enjoy!!!


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